Mr. Rajendra Shekhar

IPS (Rtd.) Ex. Director, CBI, Govt. of India

Managing Trustee

Mr. Shantanu Bhasin

About Us

MUSKAAN : Foundation for Road Safety is a registered not-for-profit trust committed to building a culture of safety on roads through Awareness, Education, Training and Advocacy. It was registered as a charitable Trust in the year 2001. As road safety is a shared resposbility the NGO uses an integrated, community-centric approach to the complex issue of road safety.
The NGO started in year 1999 in the wake of the death of 17-year-old Durva Bhasin, who lost her life in a road accident. She is the daughter of the founder member couple, Mr. Pramod Bhasin and Dr. Mridul Bhasin. Though a personal tragedy catalyzed the beginning, MUSKAAN is not a family trust.

Executive Board

Mr. Ajay Vikram Singh

IAS (Rtd.) Ex. Secretary Ministry of Road Transport, Govt. of India

Mr. Kalyan Mal Sharma

IPS (Rtd.)

Mr. O.P. Agarwal

Management Consultant, IIM Alumni Ahemdabad

Mr. Suresh Kaul

Engineer & Transport Consultant

Dr. Mridul Bhasin

PR Professional and Writer

Mr. Ramesh Paliwal

Secretary, TAABAR NGO

Mr. Sandeep Sethi