MUSKAAN worked on the project BRTS, Sikar Road supported by Jaipur Development Authorrity(JDA) with the basic objective of reducing the road accident fatalities on the 7-km operative BRTS route on Sikar road in Jaipur. This route had witnessed more than 200 accidents and 47 deaths in a short period of its operation from 2010 - 2014. As part of the project, MUSKAAN was to conduct Information, Education and Communication (IEC) activities and coordinate with Enforcement and Engineering to bring down the number of fatalities by 10%. Beneficiaries were Youth, Teachers, Parents, Families, Business Community and Community at large.

Components of the Project :
  • Education and awareness activities on Road Safety in educational instituations, factories and busness community. Total no of education institutes covered were 18 and total no. of students accessed were 2040
  • Cordinating with authorities for engineering fault corrections.
  • Cordination with traffic police for proper enforcement.
  • Building emergengcy response capacity in hospitals and emergancy services providers through liaison.
  • Community participation and Involvement of Parshads- Public Representative, Vyapar Mandals, Resident Associations.
  • Road Engineering Improvement
  • Strengthen Enforcement
  • Capcity bulding of hospitals for good emergency repsonse in case of accidents.
  • IEC activities and general awareness in educational institutes and differnet segments of community.


The project was completed within the stipulated time of 1 year. The assessemt in terms of data shows the following results


  Year No. of Accidents No. of Injured No. of Deaths
Before 2010-12 204 188 47
After 2013 15 11 6
* Source: ADG (Traffic)