Engineering & Management Students

We reached out to a diverse group of students from distinct universities. From engineering to management to architecture, we've covered over 14 such institutions as of yet to give orientation about measures preventing serious injury and death crashes occurring on the roads and pointers to post accidental care and training.

Since students comprise of a large part of the crowd using the road network on a regular basis, it's intrinsic for them to be well recognised with the issue and have proper knowledge about safety on the road. They are the most vulnerable group to such mishaps and there's a dire need for them to learn and follow road protocols.

As of yet, following universities and 1400 students under them have been made a part of this orientation programme-

Poornima Group of colleges, Kautilya Institute of Technology & Engineering and School of Management, Aayojan School of Architecture, Indian Institute Of Gems and Jewellery, Global Institute of Technology, JECRC University, YIT, BMIT, Central University, Maheshwari College of Commerce, Anand Engineering College, Biyani Girls College, Bhawani Niketan College of Engineering and Technology, Banasthali University.

There lies a great responsibility on the shoulders of people using road network towards their passengers and fellow road users. An urgency has arrived to realise the significance of it and be responsible on our parts.