Innovative Events Campaigns Of Muskaan

The very first year of Muskaan's inception was marked for the 100 shows of a play titled 'Apka Bachcha'. This was written, directed and performed by the young founder members of Muskaan. Since then the organisation has used innovative and creative means to spread the message of road safety. We believe that youth have a strong voice and they could be used to convey social messages through creative means like music, theater, mime, dance, quiz, photography, film making and painting.

Road Safety Carnivals in schools, colleges and univesities provide an opportunity to engage youth in multiple creative activities wherein as many as thousand students display their talents of creative social messaging, while another thousand children become the audience. Still another path breaking initiative of Muskaan had been the use of folk arts like folk songs, puppetry and acrobatics. Wall painiting and slogan compitions are other means of involving the children in social issues. In fact they become ambassadors of road safety.