Corporate Executive

Training for Indus Tower Pvt. Ltd.

The project is for conducting road safety trainings for employees of Indus Towers Pvt. Ltd. Later the trained team is to be engaged in on roads campaigns for creating awareness among the community at large for all the districts of Rajasthan.

It was conducted in the presence of officials from Police, CEO – Indus Towers, team Indus Rajasthan Circle and Muskaan NGO at Albert Hall, Jaipur on 25 th September 2018. Around 200 people participated from Indus Towers, Police and Muskaan.

After the launch 25 trainings were conducted in 23 cities of Rajasthan for the 700? employees of Indus towers.The focus of the training was defensive driving, fatal factors, mistakes by two wheeler riders, good samaritan and road signage and markings. These employees worked as volunteers and  conducted road safety drives on important crossings of their respective cities.  Along with trainings, road campaigns were organised for community awareness. 

SBI General Insurance Road Safety Awareness Drive 2018-19

The training focused on information about good samaritan guidlines and Basic Life Support training to poilce men in 15 cities of Rajasthan. As first responders in case of accidents, the police men were equiped with information about good samaritan and the training to handle accident victims. The project also conducted training for 1200 school transport drivers in the schools of these 15 cities. 


Hazira LNG & Port Ltd.

Hazira lng port  & muskaan conducted a road safety orientation and IEC activities for students and teachers of 9 schools based in Hazira and Surat (Gujarat). The project covered 1200 students and 200 teachers in the programme. The orientation emphasised formation of road safety clubs in schools to conduct year round activities. The schools were given Teachers' Manual containing details of activities for students of all age groups. Teachers were also given booklets on good samaritan and post accident care along with a CD of road safety songs and videos. 


Road Safety School Awerness Programme, Bihar supported by Bihar State Road Development Co. Ltd. (BSRDCL)

Muskaan conducted a one day train the trainer program for 50 trainers of BSRDCL office, Bihar. These trainers covered 20 districts of the state. 

The assignment also entailed conceiving the design of a mobile unit for the purpose of conducting road safety school education program.The Mobile units were launched by Chief Minister off the State Mr. Nitish Kumar. Among other degnetaries were Deputy Chief Minister Shri Shushil Modi and Bihar State Road Development Minister Shri Nand Kishore Yadav.

In a week long program 119 schools of 20 districts of Bihar were trained by the master trainers. 

Training theIndian Army Sentinels of Tripeak in Kinnaur
District of Himachal Pradesh

A very proud team of Muskaan conducted road safety session for 600 Army perosnnel. The destinctive trainings were conducted for the army at the height of 6000ft to 10000ft at Aceripatti, Karcham and Pooh. This was necessitated as their had been an incidence of high falality in Army personnel during their vacations pointing to a lack of training of safe two wheeler driving.

Corporate Executive

The young corporate executives in every city form an important segment that drives four-wheelers or swanky motorbikes. With youth and money power in their hands, the executives do drive at high speeds. The specially designed module focuses on providing intelligent information to this segment so that there is positive change in their behaviour. The NGO's belief is that this upward moving, intelligent class has the capacity to influence their surroundings in an effective way reaching out to employees in their companies and the socity at large.

In the last 2 years Muskaan has touched base with about 2300 corporate executives from : SBI General Insurance (Pan Rajasthan), Indus Towers (Pan Tajasthan), TPR Auto Parts Pvt. Ltd., BOSCH, Idea Cellular, MTS Telecom, SIDBI (Small Industrial Development Bank of India), Punjab National Bank, Binani Cement, Amol Pharma, Rohan Rajdeep Infrastructure Ltd., Sri Ram general Insurance, Radio Mirchi.