Road Safety Education Program

Though our school and college road safety education program, we engage young impressionable minds in a variety of ways to make them understand road safe behaviour, adopt good practices and become safety ambassadors for adults. Run in active collaboration with Traffic Police Jaipur, this interactive and specially designed education module was initially drafted with the help of traffic police, eminent educationists and road safety experts. The success of the program lies in the fact that it is regularly conducted in schools and covers classes from 1st till 12th. 

An Innovative Beginning  

As an adavocay initiative to include road safety in school education a seminar was organised in the early years of Muskaan's inception. The seminar was presided over by the Education Commissioner, Rajasthan and 65 Principals from as many public and government schools had attended. A totally novel concept of including road safety in the curriculum of the school was presented in front of the august audience. Even at that nascent stage, Muskaan had conceptualised the issue of good citizenship that had to be inculcated in the students in terms of basic information to follow. It was agreed that the youth should be engaged in multiple activities through the medium of art, music, debate, theater and quiz. 

Since then the program has under gone positive transformation. It now includes youth in colleges and universities too.

The Age Specific Road Safety School Education Program

The program was conducted from 1st to 12th standards with every section of a class being covered gradually. Thus about 40 students learned the basics of Road Safety and Traffic in a 40 minutes period through an interactive curriculum that related to their age group and the way they use the road.

This required the NGO to have a trained group of education volunteers. Accordingly Muskaan began to organise a five day Road Safety Education Volunteers' Orientation Workshop that not only handed over the Road Safety curriculum to them, it also inducted them to use friendly and interactive methodology to impart information about the issue. The concept of using children as ambassadors of road safety to reach out to the parents and family was born at that point. The youngest of the students, studying in the 1st standard were encouraged to make a card for their parents, which looked like this. {Card to be designed and to be added here}.  Children were asked to hang the card close to the keyboard and where the helmet was placed in their homes. Thus the age specific module progressed with maturer activities according to the age of the students. Between 2002 to 2007 Muskaan had reached out to more than 1,50,000 students from 175 schools of the Jaipur city.

The curriculum duely wetted and improved by traffic experts and educationists became a gradual success. At an opportune moment a presentation was made to the then chairperson of CBSE. He was convinced with the need to introduce such an education program in schools. Thereafter Dr. Mridul Bhasin was appointed the member of the Curriculum Committee of CBSE. In a two day workshop chapters on road safety were submitted to CBSE as life skills' chapters.

Muskaan NGO is proud to state that it was a new beginning in the direction of introducing road safety in schools.

This program has now been extended to colleges. Till date we have covered close to 5 Lacs students from hundred of schools and colleges including government school, public and private schools, colleges and universities across Jaipur. This also includes schools in the states of Gujarat and Bihar. The program also includes a Teachers Training Program and a School Transport Drivers Training Program

Road Safety Education Program with Neurotrauma Society of Jaipur

Currently Muskaan is conducting its Road Safety Education Program in different educational institutes in collaboration with Neurotrauma Society of Jaipur. The target audience is youth in the age group of 12-18 years. The two to three hours program uses audio visual presentations, video films, case studies, group discussions and games. Dr. V.D Sinha Senior professor & Head of the Deapartment Neurosurgery, Sawai Man Singh Hospital, Jaipur, himself accompanis the Muskaan team to reachout the young audience in schools. A special live demonstration is conducted by him to show to the students why the right kind of helmet is necessary and how it protects the head.

Teachers Training Program for schools includes orienting the teachers to conduct road safety activities in the school. It equips the teachers with knowledge of issues related to road safety,  run a Road Safety Club and it provides a list of activities to be conducted round the year in school.

This program was kick started with a Road Safety Teachers' Training Workshop at the instructions of the State Level Traffic Management Committee headed by the Chief Secretary. Muskaan had launched the workshops in collaboration with the Education Department of Government of Rajasthan on 30th July 2008 at Shiksha Sankul, Jaipur. This formed begining of the 10 workshops of teachers of senior and secondary government schools. Most of the teachers were from semi urban areas from around Jaipur. Since then the teachers' workshop has become an important and essential part of Road Safety School Education Program.

An integral part of School Education Program is also School Transport Drivers Training Program which orients the drivers towards road safety, responsible & defensive driving and following the guidelines provided by the state for safe school transport. The most recent School Transport Drivers Training Program was conducted with the supported of State Bank of India General Insurance Company in the year 2018-19. This program was conducted in 27 schools of cities coming under the 7 divisional headquaters of Rajasthan. In all the program covered approximatly 1000 drivers plying the school buses in these cities.