Footpaths For Pedestrians : Pedestrian Safety

The NGO is currently running an advocacy to secure the footpaths for pedestrians for they are a very vulnerable category of road users. In the city of Jaipur as in the other cities of the state too footpaths remain encroached. This forces the pedestrians to walk precariously with vehicles. This is one of the reasons of accidents involving them. As an NGO member Muskaan made a representation in the High Level Transport Management Committee and Traffic Control Board (TCB) highlighting the need to remove encroachments on the pavements by shopkeepers, vendors, automobile showroom owners, government allotted kiosks and telephone & electrical DPs. In a recently attended TCB meeting Muskaan made a presentation displaying prominent footpaths in the city which led to a drive being taken up by JDA and a committee to be formed. This Jaipur specific advocacy is expected to be followed by others city administrations too.