Good Samaritan Guidelines To Reduce Fatality

Muskaan has been working for over 2 years now to get the implementation of Good Samaritan guidelines as issued by the Supreme Court in its judgement dated March 30, 2016 and an earlier notification issued by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways on May 12, 2015. The guidelines simplify the procedure as it is used by the Health and Police Departments in India. The Procedure had been so cumbersome that it always discouraged Good Samaritans who wanted to help accident victims on the roads. This had always delayed medical aid to the injured giving rise to deaths. The Guidelines by the Supreme Court encourage the bystander, and the first responder to provide immediate help to the accident victims and thus save lives.

In it's advocacy efforts Muskaan NGO team has worked at two levels - one, to publicize the new guidelines and two, to implement them. The NGO raised the issue at State Level Road Safety Forums insisting good publicity of the Supreme Court guidelines in general public and issuing of orders to the two major stakeholder departments- the Health and the Police. Our efforts showed results when our properly drafted circulars were adopted by the Home Department of Rajasthan and orders were issued to the Health Department of Rajasthan to adopt the new procedure for protecting the Good Samaritan from any harassment and inconvenience. The orders to the Police Department are expected to come out soon. Extending the advocacy further Muskaan has taken up projects from corporates and MoRTH to generate awareness about the guidelines. Basic Life Support training to Police Personnel is an important part of the module. We hope that the advocacy gets the momentum desired and there is reduction in fatality on the roads of State of Rajasthan.