Other Achievements

We have featured in :

  1. Satyamav Jayate on Star Plus Channel.
  2. Times Now Channel for the Maruti Suzuki Road Safety Mission Award.
  3. Etv Channel's National Road Safety Campaign launch.
  4. Patrika Tv - Story on MUSKAAN : Mridul Bhasin has been traffic warrior cautioning against rash driving, drink and drive and mindless mobile diverting attention while driving or walking on streets. With a personal story of loss, she is advocating compliance of traffic rules and responsible behavior of drivers, passersby both. She has come a long way to speak for strict rules to drive safe and help those who may be hit by unruly drivers.
    1. SOULger Mridul Bhasin Part-1
    2. SOULger Mridul Bhasin Part-2
    3. SOULger Mridul Bhasin Part-3