World Remembrance Day

Muskaan has been commemorating the UN World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims  for four years now. This international event is observed on every third sunday of November. Muskaan NGO is proud to state that we are one of the few organisations to observe the event at such a grand scale. The day is used to generate awareness about road safety, Good Samaritan Law, organ donation and blood donation - all initiatives that go to save lives on the roads. The important creative components of the event are a soulful musical tribute to the accident victims, a peppy road safety song, a dance drama and an interview with organ donor families and interactive talk by neurosurgeons. About one thousand students from 40 schools, colleges and universities participate in the event. The audience comprises of parents, members of bereaved families, journalists, students, bureaucrats, social leaders and youth. A music workshop is organised for the music teachers of 40-45 participating schools where the composer teaches the songs to them. A well recorded CD is provided to the teachers to teach their students, 10-15 from one school, in a span of two months. Securing sponsorship, music workshop, rehearsals, preparetions of posters & flex, all take about three months to finish. 

The mega event has a direct outreach to 1500 participating youth and it reaches out to about a lac students indirectly. Besides this the event is covered extensively by visiual and print media.