Be A Safe Rider Event

MUSKAAN works in collaboration with SAAHAS, a Motor Bike Adventure Club to organise 'Be a Safe Rider Event' at Engineering and other colleges and schools. The event focuses on responsible riding habits. Mr. Anil Gautam, the secretary of the club displays practically through a group of his own riders as well as the ones participating from colleges/schools, how to ride safely. Technical inputs and instruction are given as students' ride. Issues like speeding, use of safety gears and drunk driving are discussed. For this he designs a track for the riders and he runs a commemtary. 

MUSKAAN's collaboration with SAAHAS has helped the NGO to talk to youth who use motor bike mostly to speed and indulge in risky antics. The colorful and participative event is best liked for its practical guidance to the youth. It is organised as an independent event as well as a part of Road Safety Orientation for youth.