Driving a vehicle comes with tons of responsibilities, big or small. It's tormenting and unfair to the families to see their loved ones suffer because of an irresponsible behaviour on your part. Since a major part of the folks on the road comprises of commercial vehicles and private vehicles, MUSKAAN organises a Road Safety Orientation Programme for their drivers, where we engage them in interactive sessions, movies, and leisure activities concerning road safety, to make them comprehend their responsibilities better. With the intent of fewer road mishaps, we emphasise on sensitivity, outlook and intrinsic responsibilities on their part, within these trainings.

We've had financial aid and assistance by various institutions like Au FINANCIERS, Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation, Transport Department, numerous schools and colleges for orchestrating these campaigns.

The module incorporates all the relevant information regarding the same, viz., driving, legislation, sign age, road marking, post accidental care, etc.

Our accomplishments as of yet-

  • More than 2000 commercial vehicle drivers are covered under project SARTHI supported by Au FINANCIERS.
  • 158 off road heavy vehicle drivers appointed by the contract companies of Jaipur Metro have been covered.
  • A total number of 1177 mini buses and auto drivers were covered in the year 2010 to 2011 in collaboration with the RTO office Jaipur

Up until now, more than 3500 drivers have been covered in this programme and we intend to reach thousands more. :)