Helmet & Seat Belt Angels On Road

The NGO launched the Helmet & Seat Belt Angels Campaign in the year 2013, engaging the interns of RAFFLES University to the NGO. These students conceptualized a quick and interesting campaign to be conducted at the red light crossing.

The campaign uses the stopping time at the red light to deliver an enacted message about helmet and seat belt. The proximity to the road users and the surprise, sweet message catches everbody's attention.

The interns from RAFFELS university used theater techniques to build an effective and interesting campaign at the red light crossing. Choosing a prominent crossing that has a stopage time of 55 seconds, the students stand in a line and pantomime use of seat belt and helmet while one of them talks to the people on the mike in precise, effective sentences.

After finshing the act, the students walk up to the drivers and coax them to use the seat belt or secure their helmets by tying the helmet belts. Since 2013 the campaign has been done many times by the RAFFELS' students and students from varied streams like law, commerce and chartered accountancy.